Let me tell you

Family winemakers in the Dauphiné region of the Rhône Valley joined together in the early 1920’s Paris to make delicious wines that fueled the creative revolution in bistros across Paris. At the time, Paris was the artistic and intellectual capital of Europe. Musicians, painters and writers joined with Parisians in bustling bistros to share simple but savory food and wine, new ideas and a lot of joie de vivre! The Dauphiné became the source of many of these popular bistro wines thanks to their vibrant style and versatility with classic bistro dishes.

Today, new generations of talented grape growers in the Southern Rhône Valley craft Les Dauphins wines from traditional varietals: Grenache, Syrah and Mourvèdre. These wines once again inspire the joy that made 1920’s one of the most exciting and creative periods in history.